SWPT 2020 PPA/APA Final Statistics

SWPT 2020

2020 2020 Total


PPA Stroke POY ASA Money Finals Money # # TTL Rds

won won Won Tm W Str
1 Geoff Mosk 28.67 765 -0.80 $987.00 $220.00 $1,207.00 15 4 1605 56
2 Brice Bergesen 29.05 727 -0.41 $671.50 $350.00 $1,021.50 15 4 1627 56
3 Wade Sahmel 28.26 479 -0.46 $563.00 $160.00 $723.00 10 4 989 35
4 Jeffrey Smith 29.56 452 -0.41 $427.50 $270.00 $697.50 12
1389 47
5 Rainey Statum 28.89 363 -1.58 $475.00 $160.00 $635.00 4 3 491 17
6 Lee Messinger 29.93 341 0.01 $330.00 $220.00 $550.00 11
1317 44
7 Danny Tatum 29.24 266 0.28 $305.00 $160.00 $465.00 11 1 1111 38
8 Olivia Prokopova 29.63 244 0.61 $162.00 $160.00 $322.00 11
1274 43
9 Don Parker 30.73 146 0.71 $100.00 $100.00 $200.00 11
1352 44
10 Chance Marett 31.26 136 0.32 $102.50 $100.00 $202.50 6
594 19
11 Mason Spradlin 31.86 97 0.92 $50.00 $100.00 $150.00 7
669 21
12 Jody Kimble 31.33 85 0.28 $74.50
$74.50 3
282 9
13 Tom Adair 31.00 82 0.03 $45.00 $100.00 $145.00 5
465 15
14 Greg Everly 30.94 72 0.40 $43.00 $100.00 $143.00 4
557 18
15 Cliff Matthews 29.00 67 -1.00 $52.00 $100.00 $152.00 1
87 3
16 John Kropinak 28.83 58 -0.53 $70.00
$70.00 2
173 6
17 Joe Lea 28.50 42 -0.87 $62.50
$62.50 2
171 6
18 Matt Bellner 34.08 25 3.03

$0.00 4
409 12

SWPT 2020

2020 2020 2020

APA Stroke POY ASA Total Finals Total # # Total Rn

FINAL Avg Pts Index Money
Money Tm W Strokes ds
1 Chris Conradi 31.04 773 -1.58 $450.00 $40.00 $490.00 15 7 1738 56
2 Mike Huckaby 31.89 538 -1.14 $180.00 $70.00 $250.00 8 2 1116 35
3 Steven Yancey 31.65 387 -1.10 $126.00 $50.00 $176.00 7 1 981 31
4 Alan Sahmel 31.55 362 -0.55 $144.00 $40.00 $184.00 10 2 978 31
5 Jay Salyer 33.33 222 -0.35 $81.00 $30.00 $111.00 8
1000 30
6 Trevor Lewin 34.22 219 1.10 $54.00 $30.00 $84.00 10
1403 41
7 Jerry Medina 32.39 214 -0.61 $90.00 $30.00 $120.00 6 1 842 26
8 Dwain Willett 31.75 193 -1.78 $72.00
$72.00 4 2 381 12
9 Gary Plain 33.27 166 -0.13 $63.00 $30.00 $93.00 5 1 499 15
10 Charles Cox 28.65 144 -1.42 $90.00
$90.00 4
487 17
11 Greg Simpson 29.71 116 -0.36 $54.00
$54.00 4
505 17
12 Ken Stanfill 35.04 105 1.12 $18.00 $20.00 $38.00 8
876 25
13 Adam Sahmel 31.69 85 0.94 $45.00
$45.00 6
602 19
14 Mickey DeLucca 33.30 79 1.53 $45.00
$45.00 9
999 30
14 Jack Ramsey 35.28 79 2.67 $18.00 $20.00 $38.00 8
882 25
16 Charles Tarbell 30.59 76 0.52 $54.00
$54.00 4
520 17
17 Bryan Gentry 30.00 40 -0.41 $36.00
$36.00 1
240 8
18 Robert Martin 36.00 31 1.77
$20.00 $20.00 1
108 3
19 Gary Green 36.67 29 2.43
$20.00 $20.00 1
110 3
20 David Greenup 39.83 13 6.17

$0.00 2
239 6
                         2020 SWPT Results

SWPT Championship Goes to 

Brice & Huck

The evening of 8/29 saw the rain and it rained again the morning of the SWPT Tour Championship.  The good news was that it remained overcast which kept the temperatures from being unbearable.  The bad news was the carpet was wet and the conditions changed as the day progressed and the carpet dried out.

In the Pro Division the top 2 seeds of Geoffrey Mosk and Brice Bergesen had bye’s.  The featured match was between Wade Sahmel and 2 time national champion Cliff Matthews.  Wade then went out and easily won 7-6.  Other winners were 2018 National Champion Rainey Statum, 2014 national Champion Jeffrey Smith, 2015 Senior National Champion Danny Tatum, Lee messinger, and 2 time US Masters, 4 time US Open champion, USPMGA Hall of Famer, and with child, Olivia Prokopova.   In the quarter finals Olivia lived up to her Boyfriends name of the bogey man, in route to giving away a few to many holes as Mosk stayed perfect against Sahmels and future Sahmels in SWPT Finals matches (5-0) with a 3-2 victory.  In a battle of national champions and with 14 SWPT Tour champions between them, Smith knocked out Statum 3-1.  On the other side of the bracket Tatum took Bergesen to sudden death before falling on the first hole of SD.  Local legend and number 2 on the all-time SWPT wins list, Lee Messinger was able to beat Wade Sahmel 5-4.  In the Semi Finals Mosk was able to get out to an early 2 hole lead on Smith after Smith bogeyed hole 5.  But when Mosk Bogeyed hole 18, smith had taken a 1 hole lead that he would never relinquish.  Mosk was able to stay close and had a chance to send the match into sudden death by making hole 18, but his put was just a touch soft and Smith advanced to the tour championship finals for the 10th time in his career when he had only lost 1 time before.  In the other Match Brice got hot and was just to much for Messinger to handle  as he won with a 5-4 margin.  In the finals (video posted on Facebook) Bergesen and Smith traded aces like the champions that they are thru the first 18 holes.  As they started the final 18 holes of the year, smith again was able to carve out a 1 hole advantage.  On the front 9 Brice fought back and was able to take a 2 hole advantage.  Bergesen then made the 1st 2 holes on the back while Smith was only able to make 1, putting Bergesen up by 3 with just 7 holes to go.  Another make by Bergesen on hole 13 followed by a miss by Smith and the match was just abut over.  Bergesen laid up in 14 forcing Smith to go for the ace and he did.  But his putt missed the hole and went down the hill leading to a bogey and Bergesen claiming his 4th SWPT Championship.

In the APA 4 players gad a bye, and in the other 4 matches the higher seeded player won each match.  Gary Plain defeated ken Stanfill 1 up.  Steven yancey defeated Gary Greene 3-2.  Jerry medina beat Jack Ramsey, and Trevor Lewin knocked out Robert Martin.  In the next round once again the higher seeded players won each match.  Chris Conradi defeated Gary Plain 3-2.  Steven Yancey defeated Jay Salyer in a hotly contested match 2-1.  Mike Huckaby put down Medina 2-1, and the giant Alan Sahmel beat his South African friend Lewin, 4-3.  Huckaby was still stung from his loss in last years final match where he had the lead with 2 holes to go but eventually lost in sudden death.  He was determined to make amends on his home course this year.  He took another step as he defeated the 2018 APA Senior national champion Sahmel in convincing fashion 7-6.  In the other Match the APA Player of the year and 7 time tournament winner Conradi had his hands full with Steven Yancey.  The 2 battled back and forth and when the 36 holes were done they remained tied.  It took another 2 holes of sudden death to complete the match and in 38 holes Yancey came out on top to advance to his first tour championship finals.  In the finals the match stayed close with Yancey holding a slim lead with 9 holes to go.  The Huckaby, a 7 time APA Tour Champion, rose to the occasion and went 1 up as the match reached it’s final few holes.  Standing on the 9th hole, the 36th hole of the match, Huckaby was clinging to the 1 hole lead knowing an ace would get him the 2020 title.  He struck the putt true and his ball found the bottom of the cup and Huckaby had claimed another SWPT APA Championship.

The 2020 season had many challenges.  Tournaments were canceled due to Covid-19.  A course closed on us mid-year.  Some events were moved.  We had players like Micky Delucca who missed events because they were in the hospital.  We had a hurricane hit Lake Charles and do substantial damage to the Putt Putt course there as well as the entire city.  Yet we have much to still be thankful for.  Most importantly the friendship that we share with each other.  This is always a sad time of year as we know that for most of us, this will be the last time we see our Putt Putt family for many months.  Some will see each other at Nationals in just a few week, and a few others will spend time with each other at the Mini Golf Masters in October.  We don’t know yet at this time if our typical year end celebration in Lake Charles, the AL, will happen or not.  But as we look forward to the next putting season we will remember the times we shared with each other this past season and the many season before that and relish the time that we can again get together and tell stories of the aces that got away.


30 AUGUST 2020

Round of 16 Olivia Prokopova d Don Parker 6 and 5

Rainey Statum d Tom Adair 3 and 2

Jeffrey Smith d Greg Everly 2 and 1

Danny Tatum d Chance Marett 1up

Lee Messinger d Mason Spradlin 8 and 7

Wade Sahmel d Cliff Matthews 7 and 6

Round of 8 Geoff Mosk d Olivia Prokopova 3 and 2

Jeffrey Smith d Rainey Statum 3 and 1

Brice Bergesen d Danny Tatum 37th hole

Lee Messinger d Wade Sahmel 5 and 4

Semi Finals Jeffrey Smith d Geoff Mosk 1 up

Brice Bergesen d Lee Messinger 5 and 4

Finals Brice Bergesen d Jeffrey Smith 5 and 4


30 AUGUST 2020

Round of 16 Gary Plain d Ken Stanfill 1 up

Steven Yancey d Gary Greene 3 and 2

Jerry Medina d Jack Ramsey 9 and 8

Trevor Lewin d Robert Martin 9 and 8

Round of 8 Chris Conradi d Gary Plain 3 and 2

Steven Yancey d Jay Salyer 2 and 1

Mike Huckaby d Jerry Medina 2 and 1

Alan Sahmel d Trevor Lewin 4 and 3

Semi Finals Steven Yancey d Chris Conradi 39 holes

Mike Huckaby d Alan Sahmel 7 and 6

Finals Mike Huckaby d Steven Yancey 1 up
Mosk and Conradi Puts a Capper on a Great Year

The players gathered at the Arlington Parks course for the last events of the 2020 season on August 29th.  Many players were there on the 28th to get in some practice since the events on the 29th started at 9am.  It only got up to 109 degrees on the 28th of August so many players didn’t practice for too long but it was much needed.

In the pro division Geoff Mosk knew that he needed a good showing to defend his 2019 player of the year title.  Both Brice Bergesen and Wade Sahmel had an outside shot of catching him if they had top 3 finishes and he faltered. Jeff Smith, who has won both a Texas Open and SWPT Tour championship on this course in recent years came out hotter than a depot stove making the first 5 holes in route to a first round score of 28 that was good enough for a 1 stroke lead over Mosk, Rainey Statum, Olivia Prokopova, and Don Parker.  Smith is the all time leader in wins on the SWPT and was still looking for his first win of the 2020 season and was in a good position after 1 round to get it.   In round 2 Olivia Prokopova who was carrying around a very small human, stormed to the lead with a 26 to be in at 55 for 2 rounds.  She was very closely followed by Statum who had a 27 of his own in round 2.  2 time National Champion Cliff Matthews was just 3 strokes back at 57 and Bergesen and Mosk were just 3 back at 58.  In the last round Mason Spradlin had the low round of the day with a 24.  He was a little to far back to get into contention but it showed that he had the game to do well the next day.  Smith recovered from his poor second round with a 27 his final round to be in at 88.  Greg Everly had scores of 26 and 28 his final 2 rounds to also be in at 88.  Matthews had a good back nine of 14 to recover from an underwhelming front nine to finish the round at 30 and a 3 round score of 87.  Prokopova, playing just a few groups behind the lead group that included Mosk and Bergesen, was also having a tough last round and finished at 32.  With just 3 holes to go Mosk and Bergesen were tied and it was looking like they had a chance to pass the Prokopova and Matthews.  Mosk needed to stay ahead of Bergesen to increase his point lead for the Player of the year award, and a win would secure.  Mosk made holes 16 and 17 while Bergesen only made 1 coming down the stretch.  Olivia was not able to make the necessary ace to tie Mosk so she finished at 87 along with Bergesen and Matthews.  It was a very tight finish that included pressure putts from so many competitors.  It was a great warm up for the Championship to be held the next day.

In the APA division Chris Conradi had already wrapped up the 2020 APA player of the year award with his 6 victories this year.  The Arlington course is not very far from his home and he plays here several times a year in weekly tournaments.  He was the odds on favorite to win both the regular tour event and the Finals the next day.  On Saturday he did not disappoint.  Conradi had a first round score of 30 which had him a tie with the other local favorite and 2019 player of the year, Mike Huckaby.  Just 1 stroke behind those 2 players was Steven Yancey who continues to improve each year.  Huckaby had a second score of 30 and was in the lead by himself after 2 rounds.  Conradi was just 1 stroke back at 61 and Jerry Medina had moved into contention as he was at 63.  In the final round Huckaby had a 35 to be in at 95.  Conradi stayed consistent with a 32 and Medina had another 30 to tie Conradi for first at 93.  In the playoff Conradi was just a bit to much for Medina as he won for the 7th time in 2020.











1 Geoffrey Mosk 29 29 28 86 $125.00
1 Chris Conradi 30 31 32 93 $36.00
2 Brice Bergesen 31 27 29 87 $52.00
2 Jerry Medina 33 30 30 93 $18.00
2 Olivia Prokopova 29 26 32 87 $52.00
3 Mike Huckaby 30 30 35 95 $18.00
2 Cliff Matthews 30 27 30 87 $52.00
4 Steven Yancey 31 35 30 96 $18.00
5 Jeffrey Smith 28 33 27 88 $23.00
5 Alan Sahmel 35 32 35 102 $18.00
5 Greg Everly 34 26 28 88 $23.00
6 Trevor Lewin 32 40 33 105
7 Rainey Statum 29 27 33 89

7 Robert Martin 36 36 36 108
8 Wade Sahmel 32 30 30 92

8 Gary Greene 37 42 31 110
9 Don Parker 29 36 30 95

9 Ken Stanfill 35 42 35 112
9 Lee Messinger 30 33 32 95

10 Jack Ramsey 40 37 36 113
11 Mason Spradlin 37 35 24 96


In 2018 the SWPT held the inaugural “The Brice” event to honor Brice Brice Bergesen.  Without Brice I know I would not be playing Putt Putt and I doubt there would be  Southwest Putting tour.  He is the only player to have won a PPA event in 7 different decades.  He is a member of the PPA Hall of Fame.  He was named one of the 60 greatest putters of all time.  He was the 2018 Senior National champion and tied for 2nd in the National Championship to  his long time friend Rainey Statum.  He has ran the Texas and now Southwest Putting Tour for many many years.  He is a 3 time SWPT Tour Champion and is 3rd in all time wins on the SWPT.  We hold this event each year now to Honor all he has done for the game of Putt Putt and all he continues to do, including kicking our asses.


‘The Brice” teed off at  10am in a failed attempt to beat the Waco heat.  It was nice and humid for the players playing the 3rd annual Brice event.  After 1 round of play only 1 player was not within 2 strokes of the lead, with Jeffrey Smith and Chance Marett taking first round leads with scores of 29.  It should be noted that Jeffrey Smith predicted that the Sunday scores would be a bit lower than the Saturday scores with players getting more used to the playing conditions.  On day 1 there were a total of 4 scores below 30 in both divisions.  We were half way to that after 1 round to start the day in this 4 round event.  In round 2 Don Parker had the low round of the weekend with a 14-12-26.  This catapulted him to a 2 stroke lead over Lee Messinger and Geoff Mosk who had 2 very good and consistent rounds of 30-29.  3 more players were just 1 more stoke back at 60, Brice Bergesen, Smith, and Marett.  The field stayed tight and no one could separate themselves from the pack in round 3.  Brice was finally able to figure out how to shoot below par on the front 9, something he couldn’t do on Saturday and also did not do in his 1st round on Sunday, and he used the new ability to get within 1 stroke of the lead at 89.  Messinger had taken the lead with a second consecutive 29 (making for 8 round in the 20’s after 3 rounds of play).  Bergesen and Parker were 1 stroke back.  Smith and Mosk were just 2 strokes back.  So 2 thirds of the field were within 2 strokes of the lead.  Everyone was keeping an eye on the other players to see what they needed to do.  The threesome of Mosk, Smith, and Bergesen were in the lead group.  When Mosk missed 5 and then bogeyed 6, he fell 3 strokes behind Bergesen and Smith and was essentially out of the contest.  Messinger was only able to muster a 1 under on the front which dropped him into a tie with Bergesen and Smith.  Parker also was struggling the last round and was just off the pace.  After a few holes on the back p smith had taken a 1 stroke lead, and from watching Messinger and Parker, they knew it was coming down to a 2 horse race.  Both players made 14 and 15 for Smith to remain up by 1.  Then both missed the tough 16th and 17th holes.  Smith had a chance to win with an ace on 18 but his putt missed wide right.  Mosk was putting 2nd in the group and made an ace to get him to within 2 strokes of the lead.  It was too little too late, but did get him into 3rd place and secure the 2 day total score victory.  Bergesen needing an ace to tie does what great players do.  He hit a perfect putt that found the center of the cup to force a playoff.  In the first weekend of the year Bergesen and Smith had a playoff at what turned out to be the last ever event at Webster with Bergesen winning the playoff.  Smith, who is the all time leading winner in SWPT history, had noted that he had not won an event yet this year and REALLY wanted this one.  He also told me as we stood by the 18th hole before Bergesen hit his putt that he knew Brice was going to make it.  In the playoff Brice made hole 3 to go one up.  He stayed 1 stroke up thru the first 8 holes, then Smith made the tough hole 9 for the first time all weekend to tie the score.  Both players made 10, then missed the next 3 as nerves set in.  Smith then missed the table top hole for the 1st time all day and commented that the miss probably cost him the tournament.  Bergesen made the ace and then made 15 as well.  The last 3 holes are very tough to make so it was going to be difficult for Smith to Catch Bergesen.  Both players hit good putts on 16 that came very close to going in but neither dropped.  Smith then hit a good putt on 17 that found the left lip of the hole before missing.  After a Bergesen miss on 18 Smith had a chance to tie and send us into sudden death.  His putt was just a bit wide of the hole on the right, and Brice was able to win the event named after him for a second time in 3 years.  It was a tough loss for Smith, but going into the tour championship weekend I think finally feels like his stroke is coming around and he will be tough to beat.


In the APA, Conradi came out of the gates almost as hot as the weather and shot scores of 30-30 to take a 4 stroke lead over Mike Huckaby, who is just 1 win away from tying Greg Everly for the most APA wins in tour history.  Jay Salyer was 6 strokes back and still in contention.  Chris has been playing great all year and is running away with the APA Player of the Year contest and he could not be matched on this day.  His 3rd round score of 31 gave him a 7 stroke lead over Salyer going into the final round.  Conradi let off the gas a little but and coasted in with a 33 that was good for a 9 stroke lead over Salyer.  Huckaby was able to hold on for 3rd place just 1 more stroke behind Conradi.   Conradi now has 6 wins on the year and a commanding lead in the POY points race and in stroke average.  With the Arlington Parks course just a few miles from his home, he is going to be tough to beat in 3 weeks when the tour makes its final stop of the year at the Arlington Parks course where the 2020 SWPT championship will be held.

The Waco course got some TLC recently all holes that hadn’t been re-carpeted in the last 2 years not only got new carpet, but also got concrete chips removed and cracks patched up as well.  With a new coat of paint the tournament course will be looking as good as any that we play.  The course is always tough and new carpet didn’t change that  Breaking 30 was a difficult feat to accomplish.  On Saturday only 4 of 45 rounds were in the 20’s, but the course was playing very fair and that is about all we can really ever ask for.

15 players came out to try the new carpet on Saturday August 8th where temperatures reached 100 degrees.  Many players brought water for themselves and for others.  The Conradi’s also brought ice and snacks for everyone and it was GREATLY appreciated by everyone.  Mason Spradlin, who says he doesn’t ever play this course well, started off with a 28 to take the 1st round lead by 1 over Brice Bergesen and 2 over Greg Everly and Jeffrey Smith.  It was the lowest score he had ever had on the course that he has been playing for a few years now.  Spradlin fell victim to some of his old enemy holes in round 2 allowing for a new leader.  Geoff Mosk was that leader after shooting a 27 with a miss on the easy table top hole 14.  That allowed him to be the only player under 60 with a score of 59.  Bit it was a tight race.  Smith and Bergesen were just a single stroke back at 60.  It should be noted that Bergesen shot even on the front 9 his first 2 rounds and shot his 29 in the opening round by making the last 7 holes.  He continued this in the 3rd round with a 3rd consecutive 18 on the front 9.  Mosk and Smith were not able to take advantage however as they were both only to manage a 17 on the front 9.  Everly started the round just 2 strokes back of Mosk at 61, but shot a 1 over 19 on the front.  Only Lee Messinger and Chance Marett were able to shoot as low as 16 on the front the last round in the PPA.  Mosk was able to 5 aces on the back 9 to pull away from Smith and Bergesen and claim his 3rd victory of the year.  Smith and Bergesen tied for 2nd 3 strokes back of Mosk at 92 and Everly was able to hang on to the final cash spot at 93.

In the APA only 2 players were able to break par in the opening round.  Defending Player of the year Mike Huckaby and local player and host Ken Stanfill who both shot a 1 under par 35.  Players rebounded a bit in round 2 with most of the field being able to finish under par.  Trevor Lewin had the low score of the round with a 31 that gave him the lead going into the final round by 1 over Chris Conradi and Huckaby.  Trevor had a decent last round of 35 and hoped it would stand up.  It did against all of the players except Conradi who had the low APA round of the day, and the low round of any player in the 3rd round, with a 29.  This allowed Conradi to claim his 5th win of the year and all but lock up the APA Player of the year award for 2020.  Jay Salyer and Stanfill were able to hold on for a tie of 3rd place to share the last cash spots.

It rained overnight and the course was till very wet when the players arrived early Sunday morning.  The temperature was in the low 80’s but the Humidity was at 130% so drinking water to replace the gallons of sweat each player was using was a must.  One player even wore a band aid to try to keep the sweat in, or to cover a wound, the world will never know for sure.  Rainey Statum came out hot again shooting a 1st round score of 28.  He was undefeated in the 2 events he had played this year and was looking to make it 3 in a row.  Tied with him was Jeffrey Smith, who amazingly was still looking for his 1st win of the decade.  Also looking for their 1st wins of the decade and only 1 stroke back were Lee Messinger and Mason Spradlin.  Having a disastrous 1st round and not in contention was Geoff Mosk who had just 3 aces in route to a 34.  It was still very tight after 2 rounds.  Messinger had taken a 1 stroke lead at 57.  Statum and Smith were just 1 stroke back at 58.  Brice Bergesen was at 59, and Spradlin at 60.  A shoot was looming.  Coming from way back, Mosk was 9 under after hole 14 but deiced in to finish in 5th place at 89.  Mason had a solid last round of 28 to come in 4th.  Smith also had a solid last round and with 2 holes to go had a chance to tie but when he missed hole 17 he was destined to finish in 3rd at 87.  Statum had his best round of the day with a 27 and because he won the previous day was in the first group.  His 85 had been posted and Messinger knew what he needed to do.  He, like Smith, needed to make his last 2 to tie and try to grab the victory that has eluded him this decade.  He hit 2 clutch putts and forced a playoff with Statum.  In the playoff Statum was just to much has he went on to win his 3rd tournament in as many events.

In the APA Jerry Medina came out as hot as a depot stove with a 28 and took a 2 stroke lead over Conradi.  The next closest player was Jay Salyer with a 33.  Jerry continue his solid play with a 31 the next round and went into the last round with a 4 lead trying to win his first ever APA event, or at least his first one in more than 35 years.  Jerry played extremely well all day and did soming that not many APA players ever do on this course.  His last round of 30 gave him a score of 89.  I can’t remember the last time the winning score in the APA was below 90 on the Longview course.  This is an accomplishment that will not soon be forgotten.  It also bears mention that Salyer finished at 95, which on most days would be good enough to win in Longview.  He played solid with scores of 33-31-31

It was a fun weekend where the players were able to avoid the rain and share some fellowship with each other.  We only have 2 weekends left in this shortened 2020 season.  We look forward to seeing all that can make it to Waco in 2 weeks where all of the carpet has been replaced, and cracks in the concrete have also been repaired.  The 60+ year old course needed some TLC and we are all happy that it finally received it.  it should be a great playing course for many years to come.  A group of players will be at the course this coming Sunday at 10am.  The heartland Tour is also having 2 events at the course on Coit Rd this coming Saturday if any players are interested in playing in their event.

As we approached tee time on Saturday we had 15 players that had come out to play what is normally considered the most fair course on tour.  Good putts are rewarded and bad putts very often result in tough deuces and bogeys.  As we prepared to tee off a 16th player showed up in Matt Bellner.  With it being is lone course he didn’t want to arrive early and have any of his super secret shots stolen by the other players.  Rainey Statum, Tom Adair, and Lee Messinger didn’t need any of those shots as they came out of the gate strong.  Statum was in the lead with a 25, with Adair and Messinger just a single stroke back.  Geoffrey Mosk and Brice Bergesen were also close at 28.  In round 2, after having 5 players in the 20’s in round 1, not a single player was able to break 30.  The weather caused the carpet to fluff and putts that rolled in earlier were now coming up short.  Statum now had a 3 stroke lead over Adair, Bergesen, and Mosk with a few other players within striking distance.  Rainey left the door open by shooting a 31 his final round but it was enough to hold on for the win.  Unfortunately for Statum, this was a skins event so the win didn’t come with any money yet.  It was just for pairings for the skins event.  The 3somes playing for $10 per hole were Statum, Mosk, and Bergesen in group 1.  In group 2 were Jeffrey Smith, Danny Tatum, and Adair.  Both groups were close on the front 9 with the biggest surprise being a 2 winning hole 4 for both groups.  On the back 9 Tatum and Statum cleaned up!  Statum ended up winning 13 holes in his group and Tatum making 14-18 in his to win 11 holes in his.  Smith won $50, Mosk $30, and Bergesen and Adair won $20 each

In the APA this course usually has the highest winning score of any course on tour.  It isn’t unusual to see a score of 100 win this event.  Steven Yancey had a solid 1st round score of 30 to take a 2 stroke lead over the almost certain player of the year, Chris Conradi, and Ken Stanfill, who both shot fine rounds of 32.  Conradi followed up his 32 with another solid round of 31 but he was still 1 stroke back of Yancey as we headed into the final round.  Ken Stanfill was still within striking distance but he was unable to recover from a bogey on hole 1 and just barely missed making the top 3 and qualifying for the skins event.  Jay Salyer and Jerry Medina also finished just a single stroke out of making the skins event with their final scores of 103.  Gary Plain recovered from a 1st round score of 39 and shot a final round score of 30 to get the last skins spot while Yancey and Conradi battled to the last hole with  Yancey coming out on top and beating Conradi with a final round score of 96.  In the skins event Conradi and Yancey didn’t play nice.  They shut out Plain and each won 9 skins to take home $36 each.  It was a fun event and one that we plan to do every year at a different location.

Texas Open Conditions: Rainey

14 players came out to the longest running 8 round event on the SWPT, an event that goes back more than 25 years, the Texas Open, rebranded the Mike Baldoza Texas Open 4 years ago.  It was slightly under 100 degrees when the putting started at noon with our defending champions Jeffrey (make sure you put the “rey” on his name) Smith and Mike Huckaby.  The course is fair with most of the holes playing straight without using a rail or obstacle.  The course is 30 years old and there are not any putts that are straight with more than a couple of holes that putters can take a big number on.  Only 3 players were able to break 30 in the 1st round in the pro division.  Brice Bergesen who wanted to have this event at this course, was the 1st round leader with an excellent score of 27.  Local players Smith and  Lee Messinger were the other players under 30 with scores of 28 and 29 respectively.  In round 2 Bergesen again had the low score of the round and after 2 rounds was already beginning to pull away as he had a 4 stroke over Smith.  As the temperature rose so did some of the players putting.  Bergesen faltered to a 33 while 5 players had their best rounds of the day, led by Geoff Mosk who had the low round of the event with a 24 that included a bogey on hole 16.  Smith had a 26 and was in the lead by 1 over Mosk as we went into the 4th and final round of the day.  The heat had taken a toll on the players and the temp was now over 100 degrees, although the course does have plenty of shade.  No player was able to break 30 the last round and when the dust had settled Smith had a 1 stroke lead over Rainey Statum and Mosk.  Just 3 strokes back was Bergesen and 4 strokes back was Don Parker.  With so many players close to the lead it looked like it could come down to the final few holes to determine the 2020 Baldoza champion.

In the APA Defending champion Mike Huckaby and the 2020 player of the year points leader, Chris Conradi, came in as the favorites as they are both playing very well and they are both local players.  Conradi lived up to the billing and took a 1st round lead with a 28.  Right on his heels was Jay Salyer who had a 29.  Jerry Medina, who was touting his physical Stamina as a strength that would carry him to victory, was in 3rd 3 strokes back at 31.  Just like Bergesen in the pro division, Conradi again had the low score in the 2nd round and extended his lead to 5 strokes.  Conradi continued to pour it on with a 3rd consecutive low round and his lead was up to 8 strokes.  He did cool off the last round but still held a 7 stroke lead heading into the second day.  It was going to be very tough for anyone to get close to Conradi with as well as he was playing.

On day 2 the players started at 10 am and hoped to beat the heat.  Brice Bergesen was beating it to the tune of a 26 that vaulted him into the lead, 1 stroke over Rainey Statum.  The leader starting the day, Jeffrey Smith, faltered with a 35 and was never able to get back into contention.  Geoff Mosk was only 3 strokes back starting round 6 but was essentially done after taking a 5 on hole 8.  It was his 3rd score of 5 or more for the event (hole 8 and hole 17 victimized him in previous rounds).  And just like that it was down to Bergesen and Statum, the 2 men that started the Texas Open way back in 1993 when they were running the tour together.  The Hall of Famer and the 2018 National Champion stayed within 2 strokes of each other going into the final 9 holes with Statum holding the advantage.  Bergesen was playing well but the aces dried up a bit for him on the back 9.  He was 3 stokes back going into hole 15 and knew he would need to ace out to have a chance to win.  He missed hole 15 and then missed his deuce putt from down the hill on 16 (only the 2nd hole he bogeyed for the event) and the tournament was essentially over.  It did not matter though as Rainey continued to pour in ace after ace and finished at 230, 8 strokes ahead of Bergesen.  Smith and Mosk tied for 3 by holding off Greg Everly who shot 115 the second day, which was 2nd only to Statum’s 112. 

In the APA Conradi was expected to take a victory lap on his way to an easy victory after a great day of play on day 1.  Salyer was able to get within 6 strokes after round 5 but that was as close as anyone could get.  Remarkably, Conradi was 7 for 7 on hole 8.  Hole 8 is a side hill hole that the players play off the left rail.  The rail has several dents in it and hitting any of them can lead to a miss.  When a player does miss, the deuce and bogey putts can be more difficult that the ace.  Conraid making hole 8 the first 7 times he played it was the main reason he was able to lead the APA division by 12 strokes going into the final round over playing partner Jerry Medina.  Medina had waited until round out to make his charge and a charge he did make.  Medina had the best APA round of the event with a 26.  He was doing his very best to put pressure on Conradi but it is difficult to feel pressure when you have a 12 stroke lead.  As Medina kept making aces, Conradi’s putts kept missing.  He even missed hole 8.  In fact, he didn’t make an ace until hole 12 .  By that point medina was still a ways back but it was looking like he had a chance, especially with holes 16 and 17 lurking, where taking a 4 or more is possible.  Medina kept up the pressure but Conradi was able to hold on for a 1 stroke victory.  It was almost the greatest comeback in Texas Open, and SWPT history, but Medina had to settle for 2nd place while Conradi claimed his 1st Mike Baldoza Texas Open title.

The southwest Putting tour went Prime Time on 6/27 for the first 4 rounds of the 2020 Louisiana State Championship.  Course owner Greg Simpson always has the course in great playing shape and it a favorite of all the tour players.  With the tournament starting with a few more customers on the course than normal, Greg had announced each player off the tee with some career highlights and where they were from.  It was a very nice touch that all of the players appreciated. 

In the Pro division Lee Messinger and Jeffrey Smith came out hot with a pair of 24’s to take a two stroke lead over Geoff Mosk.  Messinger then fired the low round of the weekend with a 22 that gave him a five stroke lead after just two rounds over Smith, who won the 2014 national Championship on this course, and 7 over the past two winners of this event, Wade Sahmel and Mosk.  Messinger cooled off a bit his last two rounds with scores of 28 and 27.  This allowed Mosk to pull within three strokes with a score of 104.  Smith was just four back at 105.  Brice Bergesen had rounds of 25 and 24 in rounds two and three respectively/ which had him in 4th place at 107.  By the time the 4th round was played the temps had cooled off considerably and the lights were on at the course.  It was playing conditions that players outside of locals were not used to playing in but the overall score for the entire Pro division was only three strokes more than it was in the first round, so it didn’t appear to affect the players to much.


In the APA division we had a good turnout with 12 players.  Mike Huckaby came out hot to jump to the lead with a score of 26.  Four other players including Bryan Gentry, playing his first event in 2 plus years, had scores in the 20s to stay close to Huckaby.  Huckaby cooled off and was in at 58 after 2.  Steven Yancey was consistent with rounds of 29-29 to also be in at 58.  Those scores were one off the leaders, Bryan Gentry and Chis Conradi were both n at 57.  The always dangerous Charles “Sharkey” Cox was still close at 60.  Huckaby had rounds of 27-25 to close out the day and take the lead with a score of 110.  Six other players were within eight strokes of the lead, so it was far from over. Day two was lining up to have an exciting finish.


Day 2 of the 8 round Lake Charles State championship started bright and early at 10am before the temps became 2 unbearable.  Olivia Prokopova from Houston Texas (don’t say is from the Czech Republic anymore) had the low round with a 25 to inch closer to the lead.  5 other players had scores of 27.  Jeffrey Smith and Brice Bergesen fell back a few strokes as Lee Messinger and Geoffrey Mosk also had rounds of 27.  Mosk had caught Messinger during round 5 but Messinger made his last 4 holes to dig out his 27 while Mosk only made 1 of his last 4 to fall 3 strokes back again.  In round 6 Mosk again caught Messinger and going into the last hole had a change to take the lead with a 24.  Instead he pushed his putt, hit the right cheese, and bogeyed to fall 1 stroke behind Messinger yet again.  Smith  and Wade Sahmel were still within striking distance just 6 strokes back but it was becoming more of a 2 horse race with just 2 rounds to go.  On the front 9 of round 3 Mosk only missed hole 2 when he left it 2 inches short of the hole.  Messinger hit good putt after good putt but they consistently found the lip or came up just short of the hole.  With 27 holes to go Mosk had opened up a 5 stroke lead.  After making hole 10 the lead was up to 6.  Just when it looked like Mosk would pull away like he had 2 years ago, he deuced the last 8 holes to finish the round at 27.  Messinger continued to struggle and when the round was over Mosk had a 4 stroke lead over Messinger. Olivia, who got off to a slow start but had the second best score after the second round of day 1, had moved into 3rd place just 6 strokes back.  Wade Sahmel was 7 back and he had noted that he had come back from just about as far, if not a little further, than that against Mosk in the last round at an event at Webster a few years ago.  Smith was also just 8 back and very capable of shooting a score low enough to catch Mosk if Mosk struggled at all in the final round.  Messinger, Sahmel, and Smith all had good last rounds shooting 24s.  Messinger had an 11 on the front 9 to pull within 3 of the lead, but Mosk, having won this event twice before, was up to the task and made 7 of his last 9 to have the low round of the day with a 23 that secured a 5 stroke victory for his 3rd Louisiana State Championship.  Messinger held on for 2nd place and Smith moved up to 3rd place.  Sahmel collected the last money spot at 4th place.


In the APA Mike Huckaby continued his solid play the first 2 rounds on Sunday but couldn’t shake Steven Yancey.  After 2 rounds Huckaby had extended his lead by only 1 stroke and was now 3 up on Yancey after shooting rounds of 28-27 to Yancey’s 29-27.  No other player was able to make a charge and it looked like it would be a 2 man race for the title for the last 2 rounds.  Yancey was a model of consistency in the tournament.  He was the only player in the APA to not have a round higher than 29.  In fact, there were only 2 PPA players that could match that feat.  IN round 7 yancey continued his consistent play with a 28.  Huckaby stumbled a bit to shoot a 31 and with just 1 round to go Yancey and Huckaby were tied.  Yancey again played very consistently with a 29 to finish his 8 rounds at 225.  Huckaby, who came within just 2 holes of winning the APA tour Championship on this course 9 months ago, displayed a championship killer instinct and had the best round of any APA player at this years event with a 24 to win by 5 over yancey who finished in 2nd place.  It was his first Louisiana State Championship.  Course owner Greg Simpson held on for 3rd place.  Other players receiving   reimbursement money were Charles Cox, Bryan Gentry, Chris Conradi, and Charles Tarbell.


We look forward to seeing everyone in 2 weeks for the Mike Baldoza Texas Open at the Course on Coit Rd in Dallas.

Another Sahmel Sweep 2x

After 8 weeks off and 3 missed tournament weekends, the Southwest Putting Tour was the first to return to normal competition.  This weekend was originally scheduled for Dallas at the Coit Road location, but due to Covid-19, that course has not yet re-opened.  Kat Adair at the Tyler Putt Putt Course agreed to host the weekend and the SWPT was all set to begin play! 

Weather was going to be an issue on Saturday with scattered storms projected throughout the day.  We caught a break and there was only a slight drizzle at the start and at the very end of the tournament.  Wade Sahmel, who drove up the morning of the event after working all night and getting next to zero sleep, did what he normally does with no sleep and was the first round leader at 27.  Don Parker and Jeffrey Smith were the only other players able to break 30 shooting a 28 and 29 respectively.  Sahmel slowed down a bit in round 2 with a 30 that dropped him into a first place tie with Parker at 57.  Chance Marett and Geoff Mosk were just 3 strokes back at 60 with several other players shortly behind.  He again played solid his last round with another 30 to finish at 87.  Mosk and Marett both played well, but not quite well enough as they both finished 2 strokes back at 89.  Other players to cash were Parker (90), Tom Adair (91), Jody Kimble (93), Smith (93), and Brice Bergesen (93).

In the APA, Alan Sahmel looked to make it a Sahmel Sweep.  He started off the weekend with a 32 which was good for 3rd place behind Jay Salyer and Mickey DeLucca who both tied the APA low round of the day with a 31.  In round 2, Chris Conradi tied the low APA score with a 31 to be at 65.  That pulled him to within 1 shot of Salyer.  Sahmel and DeLucca were just 2 and 3 strokes back setting up an exciting finish.  Papa Sahmel tied the APA low round of the day with a 31 in the final round to be in at 67.  Salyer was able to shoot a 33 which forced a tie and an 18 hole playoff.  In the playoff Sahmel took an early lead and was able to hold off Salyer to collect his 1st win of the 2020 season and complete the sweep.  The weather wasn’t great, but the players were more than happy to be back out on the course and among friends more than anything else











1 Wade Sahmel 27 30 30 87 $125.00
1 Alan Sahmel 32 34 31 97 $36.00
2 Geoff Mosk 33 27 29 89 $65.00
2 Jay Salyer 31 33 33 97 $18.00
2 Chance Marett 31 29 29 89 $65.00
3 Chris Conradi 34 31 35 100 $18.00
4 Don Parker 28 29 33 90 $40.00
3 Mickey DeLucca 31 36 33 100 $18.00
5 Tom Adair 31 31 29 91 $25.00
5 Trevor Lewin 36 32 33 101
6 Brice Bergesen 30 33 30 93 $7.00
6 Dwain Willett 36 36 31 103
6 Jeffrey Smith 29 32 32 93 $7.00
6 Mike Huckaby 33 36 34 103
6 Jody Kimble 33 29 31 93 $7.00
8 Gary Plain 38 34 33 105
9 Danny Tatum 33 30 31 94

10 Mason Spradlin 35 31 29 95

11 Olivia Prokopova 33 32 33 98

The Southwest Putting Tour went PRIME TIME on Saturday 5/16 with a tournament starting at 7pm.  This was done to allow the course to have more customer players as they are limited to 36 total players on the course.  Unfortunately, due to bathroom breaks and a late rain storm, only 2 rounds were able to be completed Saturday night with the last round being played early Sunday morning.  Wade Sahmel, after a short nap, continued to play well and was 1 of only 2 players that was able to shoot below a 30 the first round with a 29.  The other was Geoff Mosk who was in the lead with a 28.  The second round saw 4 players under 30 and they weren’t named Mosk or Sahmel,  Olivia Prokopova had the low round with a 27 to get her to within 3 shots of the lead.  Danny Tatum had a 28 to also pull within 3.  Lee Messinger shot a 29 to pull within 1 stroke of the lead.  Brice Bergesen had a 29 to tie Mosk for the lead at 59.  It is always close at Tyler and this event would not be different with 6 players within 3 strokes of the lead.  The players tried to play the last round but the rain quickly picked up and it was decided to restart the round the next morning.  With the much improved playing conditions, score improved and it quickly became a 2 man battle with Messinger and Mosk both playing very well.  Messinger started his round on hole 11 and was able to shoot a 13 on the back half of the half of the course.  Mosk, starting on hole 1, shot a 13 on the front 9.  Both players finished their remaining holes at 4 under allowing Mosk to squeak out a 1 stroke victory for his first win of the 2020 season. 

In the APA, 3 time 2020 Winner Chris Conradi had the lead after 1 round with a 31.  Just 2 strokes back were a host of players including local legend Gary Plain, multiple time SWPT Player of the Year Mike Huckaby, former APA Western open champion Mickey DeLucca, and former National Senior Champion Alan Sahmel.  Plain, looking to avenge his last place finish from the tournament earlier in the day, had his best round of the day with a 29 that propelled him to a 3 stroke lead over Conradi and 4 over DeLucca and Trevor Lewin.  In the last round, as has happened so many times before on Plain’s home course, Plain was able to hold off the other players and finish with a 4 stroke victory, shooting a 94.  Jay Salyer, Conradi, and Huckaby all tied for 2nd at 98.  It was time for a short break to repair and then on to the final event of the weekend.











1 Geoff Mosk 28 31 27 86 $140.00
1 Gary Plain 33 29 32 94 $36.00
2 Lee Messinger 31 29 27 87 $90.00
2 Jay Salyer 35 33 30 98 $18.00
3 Brice Bergesen 30 29 31 90 $50.00
2 Chris Conradi 31 34 33 98 $18.00
3 Danny Tatum 33 28 29 90 $50.00
2 Mike Huckaby 33 34 31 98 $18.00
5 Wade Sahmel 29 32 31 92 $30.00
5 Alan Sahmel 33 34 35 102
5 Jeffrey Smith 30 33 29 92 $25.00
5 Mickey DeLucca 33 33 36 102
7 Don Parker 34 31 28 93 $20.00
5 Trevor Lewin 35 31 36 102
8 Mason Spradlin 34 33 28 95

5 Dwain Willett 35 34 33 102
8 Olivia Prokopova 35 27 33 95

10 Chance Marett 35 32 31 98

11 Jody Kimble 32 31 35 98

12 Tom Adair 34 34 31 99

12 Matt Bellner 32 34 33 99

To start off the last event of the weekend, no less than 3 pro players had a 4 in the first round of the event.  None of them went to Wade Sahmel who only had 2 bogey strokes the entire weekend as he did his best to shed his nick name of the Bogey Man.  Sahmel was leading by 1 over Tom Adair with scores of 28 and 29 respectively.  Don Parker was the only other player within 2 strokes of the lead.  Sahmel continued his solid play with scores of 30 and 32 his last 2 rounds.  Adair was only 1 stroke back going into the final round but as can happen on the Tyler Course, he went dry and was not able to contend.  Two-time USPMGA Masters Champion, along with a bazillion other titles, Olivia Prokopova made a bit of a charge her last 2 rounds with a 31-28 finish to move up to a second place tie with Jody Kimble, who was a model of consistency with scores of 31-30-30.  Geoff Mosk and Chance Marett tied for the 2nd time during the weekend, this time for 4th place 1 more stroke back.  Sahmel had the tournament wrapped up with just a few holes to go.  The only drama left was who was going to win the 3 event total stroke average.  With only hole 4 to go, he needed an ace to tie Mosk.  Just has he did in the semi-finals of the SWPT Tour Championship the last time the event was held in Tyler, his putt was just a bit off, and Mosk was able to take a little consolation in winning the weekend stroke competition, even though Wade won 2 events, more POY Points, and more money.


In the APA, if Wade wins in the pros, the Alan Dada Sahmel will be in it trying for another Sahmel Sweep.  And he also came out guns-a-blazing and was the leader after 1 round with a 31.  Mike Huckaby was able to stay close with a 32 and several other players were able to stay within striking distance as well.  In round 2 both players separated themselves from the pack with each shooting a 30.  They were in at 61 and 62 respectively with no other player within 3 strokes of the lead.  Sahmel, playing very consistently like his son Wade, had a final round 31 and cruised to a 5 stroke victory over Huckaby and Trevor Lewin who had the low score of the last round with a 30.  Other players cashing were Gary Plain at 99, Chris Conradi at 101, and Ken Stanfill at 101.











1 Wade Sahmel 28 30 31 89 $140.00
1 Alan Sahmel 31 30 31 92 $36.00
2 Olivia Prokopova 32 31 28 91 $67.50
2 Mike Huckaby 32 30 35 97 $18.00
2 Jody Kimble 31 30 30 91 $67.50
2 Trevor Lewin 34 33 30 97 $18.00
4 Geoff Mosk 31 32 29 92 $37.50
4 Gary Plain 35 32 32 99 $18.00
4 Chance Marett 32 29 31 92 $37.50
5 Chris Conradi 33 33 35 101 $9.00
6 Lee Messinger 32 30 31 93 $25.00
5 Ken Stanfill 33 32 36 101 $9.00
7 Mason Spradlin 32 32 30 94 $20.00
7 Jay Salyer 34 35 33 102
8 Danny Tatum 33 32 30 95

8 Mickey DeLucca 39 36 31 106
8 Tom Adair 29 30 36 95

9 Adam Sahmel 40 35 33 108
10 Brice Bergesen 34 31 31 96

10 Jeffrey Smith 35 30 31 96

12 Don Parker 30 34 33 97

13 Matt Bellner 36 32 34 102

               Sahmel Brothers, Conradi Shine in Lake Charles

 The winners in Lake Charles, Danny Tatum, Chris Conradi (3), and Wade Sahmel (2)

There were thirteen brave souls that braved the Coronavirus and played in the three tournaments in Lake Charles on March 14th and 15th, the second weekend of the 2020 Southwest Putting Tour season.  Only five PPA members, but all have the highest credentials,and they had a great time battling it out.  In the noon start tournament on Saturday, former National APA champion in 2012 Danny Tatum had the first round lead with a 26, closely followed by Team USA member Geoff ( Groff) Mosk and Wade Sahmel, National Championship runner-up in 2016, both at 27.  Hall of Famer Brice Bergesen was at 28 and international star player Olivia Prokopova was still learning the course and was at 30.  Wade took total command of the tournament the last two rounds with a 23-24 finish and a 74 total, winning by four over Danny.

In the APA. eight talented players competed, including Mickey DeLucca, who declared the "fear is not going to run my life", a sentiment felt by all the players.  Chris Conradi led by one over the two dominating long time locals, Charles Cox and Greg Simpson, with a fine 26.  Chris then did his Wade impersonation and blew away everyone else with a 29-23 finish for a 78 and a four shot win over Cox.

Everyone grabbed a bite to eat, washed their hands for 20 seconds, and were ready for the 3pm tournament.   Wade led the PPA divison with a 24 by two over Mosk, but Mosk came back with a second round 25 and enjoyed a slim one shot lead over Wade, 51 to 52, the other players out of it four or more shots back.  The two leaders, playing together, battled back and forth for 17 holes, even with the very easy 18th hole left.  Geoff putted first and got a super nasty lipout, and Wade made the simple putt for the ace and another victory, 77 to 78.

After shooting his career low 54-hole score of 78 in the noon tournament, Chirs Conradi comes back in the 3pm event and shoots 27-26-26 =79 and a easy three shot win over Charles Tarbell, who had his best finish in a SWPT event at 82, four ahead of Cox in third place.

Almost all the players went next door after the tournament to Walk-On. a sports bar that is a favorite place for the players to go, shame it was not there when the Nationals were in Lake Charles in 2014.  Some of the players had more shots than others, everyone told lies, and everyone was in a good mood for the 10am start on Sunday for the final PPA tournament for the duration.

After blitzing the field both tournaments on Saturday, confident Wade was ready to do it again.  That did not quite happen as he shot a front nine 18 to start out and shot 33-30 his first two rounds to be in last place by seven strokes, no threepeat for Wade this weekend.  Olivia was brilliant her first round with a 24 and a one shot lead over Tatum.  She slipped a little the second round but was still tied at 52 with Tatum, and Mosk only one back at 53.  Olivia played great the final round on the front nine, shooting an 11, then made number ten to go eight under for the round, then boom, what has happened to all of us at some tournament, the bottom fell out.  She got a bad kick on hole 11, missed 12, hit what looked like a great putt on hole 13, but it came back over the hill and her deuce putt lipped out and put her in a unmakeable spot, and she had a crushing four, followed by a bogey on the easy "Y" hole number 16, and she finished the round with a 29.  Danny took advantage, fired a solid 26 for a 78 and beat Mosk by two, Olivia by three.  Wade, by the way, did what Wade does.  In the final round he made the first eight holes, missed number nine then made 7 of the first 8 on the back and missed the easy 18th hole for a 21!!!  He still came in last, to maybe be the only person to shot a final round 21 and not beat anyone.

Wade was not able to get a threepeat, could Chris Conradi do it in the APA?  He was the first round leader again with a 26, one ahead of the resurgent Adam Sahmel, back playing again after missing two complete seasons with hip problems  Adam is back and stroking it smooth again, so good to see him playing instead of just posting the scores.  Chris continued his brilliant solid play for the last two rounds with a 27 and a 28 for a 81 and a two shot win over Adam, who cut Charles Cox by one.  

Danny Tatum has been off work for a few weeks and he spearheaded the complete refurbishing of all the rails at the Lake Charles course.  The course looked brilliant and really helped add to the enjoyment we all had.  The original owner, Hall of Fame member Al Simpson, had a all time favorite singer, Vera Lynn, who became famous for singing the great inspiring WWII song "We'll Meet Again", when no one knew when they would see each other again.  Guess we should have sang a verse of that song before we all departed to go home.

                   Bergesen Sweeps First Events of 2020
                       Seven Decades with a PPA Victory

Brice Bergesen picked up where he left off Saturday and raced out to an early lead with a 26.  Including his final 2 rounds on Saturday, he had now shot a 74, in his last 3 rounds, which if shot in a single event would break the 3 round tournament record on the course of 75.  He was followed closely by Jeffrey Smith and Don Parker who were only 1 stroke back.  Brice stayed hot in round 2 by shooting a 27 and had built up a 3 stroke lead.  Several players were bunched up from 56-59 but it wouldn’t matter if Brice kept playing the way he was.  Brice was in the 1st group on this day and had his worst round since round 1 the previous day, a 31 that opened the door for other players to catch him.  Joe Lea shot a 29 his last round to come up 1 stroke short.  Geoff Mosk finished with a 26 to also come up 1 stroke short.  Jeffrey Smith needed an ace on his 54th and final hole to tie Brice and he made it forcing an 18 hole playoff.  In the playoff the wind played havoc with the players shots and neither could get any momentum going.  Brice eventually survived and won the playoff with a score of 34 to sweep the weekend. 

In the APA there was a major comeback.  Adam Sahmel played in his 1st event since playing early in the year in Lake Charles where he was able to play from his Wheelchair.  Today there would be no playing from his Chair.  Instead Adam had figured out how to play from his knees.  In one of the most inspiring performances there has ever been on a Putt Putt Course, Adam was able to make it thru all 3 rounds.  Not only did he make it thru, but he shot a 99 which got him into the money!  He was breathing very hard the last round and fought thru the pain to Finish.  The rest of the APA Players had better watch out for Adam as he works to be able to play more as he will be a force to recon with.  In the Sunday Tournament Dwain was able to sweep the weekend.  He started off slowly with a score of 32 but finished with scores of 28-27 to come in at 87.  Alan Sahmel fell just 1 stroke shy of catching Dwain and finished with a fine score of 88.  Other players finishing under 100 and getting into the money were Steven Yancey (98) and  Chris Conradi (99).  Overall it was a great weekend with some outstanding performances.  We will do it again in 2 weeks in Lake Charles and we hope to see everyone there.

          PPA APA
1 Brice Bergesen 26 27 31 84 $120.00 1 Dwain Willett 32 28 27 87 $36.00
2 Jeffrey Smith 27 30 27 84 $75.00 2 Alan Sahmel 30 28 30 88 $18.00
3 Joe Lea 29 27 29 85 $40.00 3 Steven Yancey 34 34 30 98 $18.00
3 Geoff Mosk 30 29 26 85 $40.00 4 Chris Conradi 33 35 31 99 $18.00
5 Don Parker 27 30 29 86 $20.00 4 Adam Sahmel 32 33 34 99 $18.00
6 Lee Messinger 30 29 29 88 6 Ken Stanfill 36 30 34 100
7 John Kropinak 30 29 30 89 7 Trevor Lewin 37 32 36 105
8 Wade Sahmel 31 30 33 94 7 Jack Ramsey 34 39 32 105
9 Danny Tatum 30 31 34 95 7 Mickey DeLucca 35 32 38 105
10 Olivia Prokopova 34 34 30 98 10 David Greenup 41 43 41 125

As is always the case at Webster, the weather was perfect to start the SWPT season and 18 players came out on Saturday February 29th to end their winters and get the 2020 putting season going.  10 years ago when Brice Bergesen won his first event of the year he became the first player to win a PPA event in 6 different decades.  He wasn’t sure if he would be able to do it in a seventh decade and his first round score of 32 made it unlikely it would happen on this day with leaders Wade Sahmel and 2014 National Champion Jeffrey Smith tied at 28.  Only 1 player in the pro field had a worse opening round than Brice. Wade continued his good play with another 28 in his 2nd round to have a 1 stroke lead over John Kropinak and 2 strokes over Joe Lea.  Brice, playing in the last group was an afterthought, and few saw that he shot a 23 his 2nd round to vault into the lead at 55, until they had finished their 3rd rounds.  Kropinak had another Solid last round of 27 and was the leader in the clubhouse while the rest of the players waited for Brice to finish.  With 7 holes to go Brice only needed 1 ace to win.  Being the Hall of Famer he is he kept his foot on the gas to finish the last round at 25 and win by 4 becoming the first player to win a PPA event in an amazing 7 decades.  This is an amazing feat that will likely never be duplicated.

In the APA division Dwain Willett was returning to play for the first time in quite a while after battling some medical issues of his own.  There haven’t been in weekly tournaments in Webster this year with the course closing at 5pm during the week so Dwain hadn’t had any practice.  The 3 time APA Champion showed that practice is overrated and scored 28-28 his first 2 rounds to take a commanding lead of 5 strokes over Chris Conradi.  Jack Ramsey and Trevor Lewin were able to stay close after one round with fine scores of 30 but could not keep up with Willett the rest of the way.  Lewin did have another 30 his last round that allowed him to pull into a 2nd place tie with Conradi but Willett, playing in the last group of the day with Brice, strolled in with a 33 to win by 6 strokes.  It was a great day for 2 long time Houston players as they both easily defended their home course.

          PPA APA
1 Brice Bergesen 32 23 25 80 $115.00 1 Dwain Willett 28 28 33 89 $36.00
2 John Kropinak 30 27 27 84 $70.00 2 Trevor Lewin 30 35 30 95 $13.00
3 Wade Sahmel 28 28 29 85 $35.00 3 Chris Conradi 33 28 34 95 $13.00
4 Joe Lea 29 29 31 89 $10.00 4 Steven Yancey 33 32 30 95 $13.00
5 Olivia Prokopova 29 30 27 86 $10.00 5 Alan Sahmel 32 31 34 97 $13.00
6 Geoff Mosk 32 31 27 90 6 Ken Stanfill 32 30 38 100
7 Jeffrey Smith 28 32 31 91 7 Jack Ramsey 30 37 37 104
8 Lee Messinger 32 33 27 92 8 David Greenup 40 39 35 114
9 Danny Tatum 33 29 31 93 9 Mickey DeLucca 37 42 40 119

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